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After trying numerous support mechanism, such as wedge pillow, extended arm rest, seat extension we found Legso to be the simplest and most economical product. It can fit in any type of vehicle and can be used by any type of driver. It’s easy to install and operate and can easily be removed without leaving any residue on the center console.   Legso is a simple device that does not need to be connected in any way to the vehicle’s electronics. It is a mechanical product that is constructed using strong plastic and replaceable engagement member. Depending upon your personal choice you can choose from different replaceable balls of varying softness making it comfortable to rest your leg. The durable design can easily handle your leg weight. This product will help drivers in reducing the discomfort and pain associated with the right leg and thigh when continuously alternating between brake and accelerator paddle. The driver can rest their leg on this device that is attached to the center console and the distance can be adjusted according to the driver’s position to make his/her leg ergonomically aligned with the paddles. When the leg is inline with the paddles only the feet needs to work to operate both the paddles. Without the support to the leg, our leg and thigh muscles are used to keep our leg in line with the paddles so that the feet can control the brake/accelerator.

We designed Legso so that it can be attached to the center console of most of the cars.

When fully compressed:
Base diameter: 9cm
Top diameter: 4.2cm
Height: 6.3cm

When fully extended:
Base diameter: 9cm
Top diameter: 4.2cm
Height (extended): 9.5cm

right knee pain while driving solution