How can LEGSO help ease my driving experience?

As a driver we all know how it feels to get stuck in traffic. To this add the discomfort and pain in our legs that is caused by switching our foot between accelerator and brake pedal to control speed? Specially in the rush hour, stop & Go traffic where you cannot leave your foot on one pedal for more than couple of seconds. Legso will reduce this discomfort by letting you rest your leg against it and by giving your leg an agronomical position to alternate with ease.

What makes LEGSO different from other ergonomic car accessories?

We all know the importance of ergonomics but at the same time there aren’t any ergonomic products that can be adjusted according to drivers need to reduce leg pain and discomfort. Traditional method of raising the seat by using pillow will not work for all sizes and cannot be adjusted. Legso’s simplicity and design will allow you to adjust the distance between the center console and your leg so that you can find your ergonomic position. When not needed it can easily be removed.

What is LEGSO’s durability and sustainability rate?

Legso’s design has been improved over since its first inception with 3 phases of prototype development and testing. We have tested Legso with individuals weighting from 120lb to 220lb as they rested their leg against Legso.

Who created LEGSO?

Legso has evolved into a product to solve an existing need which not many of us realize. By the time we realize the importance of ergonomics while driving we are already in pain and discomfort. As an IT consultant with Engineering background my job requires me to travel a lot and most of the times I worked in big cities. I spent atleast couple of hours behind the wheel every day and was continuously in pain. This is when I came up with original Legso concept as a personal support mechanism which has changed my driving experience tremendously.

Are there any variety of colors and sizes to choose from?

Legso comes in standard size but the distance between the center console and leg can be adjusted according to your needs. Currently we have Legso in gray and going forward we plan to introduce white.

Aside from being useful during driving experience, is there any other use for LEGSO?

Legso is primarily developed to support your leg from falling away towards the center console, which makes it difficult to operate the brake and accelerator pedal. It can be adjusted to rest your leg at a position that is ergonomically correct and thereby reducing the discomfort/pain associated with leg muscles.

Here are some of the quotes from people who have tested it:

“… feels like someone is massaging my leg…”

“… touches pressure point which gives a soothing experience…”

“multiple Legso can be used together as a massagers…”

“… adjustment feature makes it ideal to support legs, hands and body to give you a correct posture in the car or office.”

” … helps reduce stiffness and pain; which in turn reduces annoyance and makes me a calm driver.”

Why should I consider buying it?

Doesn’t matter if you are suffering from leg pain or not, Legso provides your leg a support mechanism that makes it easy for your foot to control the pedals. Think how cool and controlled you are when driving to a store or office which is 10-15 minute without traffic and how you would feel driving the same distance when there is an accident or traffic and you have to constantly alternate your foot between brake and accelerator. Some people may say it’s the frustration of being stuck in traffic, yes that is part of it which you cannot control but it is the discomfort of leg that aggravates the frustration. Because you start to feel the discomfort of constantly using the leg and thigh muscles to control your leg and keep it in line with the paddles. This product will support your leg and keep it in-line with the paddles, making it easy for your foot to alternate between the paddles.

Are there any similar products available in the market?

Legso is the first adjustable product that can be adjusted according to a drivers position. It’s simple design makes it easy to operate and it can be either compressed or taken off the vehicle when not in use.  It is not a one size fits all solution.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please contact us before you place the order so we can provide you with estimated shipping charges.