Installing Legso

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Installing Legso in your vehicle is incredibly easy to do. The 3M tape attaches to the flat end, securing it to the side of the car’s center console. Not everyone will want their leg to sit at the exact same distance from the center console, which is why the Legso can easily be adjusted. All it takes is turning the device clockwise or counterclockwise, extending or retracting the support end until you find the setting that is most comfortable for you. Since you decide where the Legso sits inside your vehicle, it is a solution that works for a variety of body types and shapes.


With the Legso installed in your vehicle, you can relax your right leg and still keep it upright. In this position you will not need to exert yourself as much to move your foot from one pedal to the other, which is a great source of discomfort while driving in stop-and-go traffic. One of the best features of the Legso is that drivers can use it only when needed. The right leg is still free to move as needed. When not in use you can simply rotate it anti-clock wise to compress it and leave it. Lego does not interfere when you sit or get out of the Car.


Legso is the easy, efficient, and effective solution for leg pain while driving.