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By now we know that the leg needs to be aligned with the brake & accelerator paddles while driving so that it’s easy to alternate between the paddles. But the natural tendency of the leg is to fall outside when relaxed. Hence we are excreting considerable effort and stressing our leg and thigh muscles to keep our leg in line with the pedals. We are forced to keep the muscles tight the entire time we are behind the wheel. The second we relax the leg muscles the leg again falls towards the center console making it difficult to operate the brake and accelerator.  Legso is a simple solution that allows your leg to stay upright, while at the same time requiring little to no effort from your thigh muscle. LEGSO is an ergonomic solution that supports your leg from the side and lets your leg and thigh muscles relax.  It can easily be installed on your center console so that when you relax your leg muscles and your knee falls towards the center console, Legso will provide support to you leg and let it rest on it.  Legso will provide an ergonomic position to keep you right leg aligned with the brake and accelerator pedals. As Legso provides that support to your leg, your leg/thigh muscles can relax and also get that ergonomic position where just your foot can alternate between the paddles; without over stressing your leg/thigh muscles.