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As an IT consultant specialized in Business Intelligence, I worked in large cities like New York, Washington D.C and Toronto. We all know how bad the traffic is in these metros and as my job required me to travel from one client to another I am on the road for 2-3 hours a days. Sometimes more depending on the traffic and road conditions. After doing it for few months, I developed pain in my right leg that operates the break and accelerator. Medicines, painkillers and massages gave me temporary relief but I never felt normal. I was taking medications to deal with the symptoms but not the root of the problem. This pain also impacted my mood and started feeling frustrated and very easily annoyed by people driving and trying to cut off. One of my colleague suggested me to try Meditation and Yoga. I could immediate  feel the positiveness in me and started to relax my body and mind. But this did not help me reduce the pain my right leg. It gave me a new perspective and I started to pay close attention and figure out what was causing the pain. I realized that continuously alternating my right foot between the accelerator and brake pedals put stress on my leg and thigh muscles to hold my leg inline with the  pedals to operate easily.

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