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What is Legso1

Most people don’t realize how they sit at any given moment. Your posture while driving can trigger quite a bit of pain that will plague you long after you get out from behind the wheel. Specifically, how you hold up your right leg while driving can lead to considerable discomfort.​

​To understand, follow this brief exercise: Sit upright in a chair and place both your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Relax your muscles and pay attention to what happens to your legs: they both will swing out towards the sides. This is the natural position your body wants to stay in whenever you sit down, especially for long periods of time.

While you might be able to get away with swinging your left leg out while driving, you cannot do this with the right one. Instead, you must exert considerable effort with your thigh and hip muscles, keeping your leg aligned with the brake and accelerator pedals as you drive. If you don’t keep your leg upright, you cannot place your foot flat on either pedal, which constitutes a serious safety risk since your foot could slip and cause a surge of acceleration.

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