Who Is Legso For?

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Legso is an ergonomic product for all ages, vehicles and body types. Whenever you drive, your body is at risk of an ergonomic situation that will leave you in considerable pain. Your legs naturally misalign as you sit, especially the right one as you use it to press the brake and accelerator pedals.

No one wants to be stuck in traffic but everyone has to face it daily  while driving to work. Getting stuck in traffic is one thing and getting stuck in traffic with discomfort/pain is more frustrating. External factors such as rush hour traffic and accidents cannot be controlled but we can reduce the pain in our legs by using ergonomic products and following ergonomic driving habits. Legso will help drivers in reducing the discomfort and pain associated with the right leg and thigh when continuously alternating between brake and accelerator paddle.

To understand, follow this brief exercise. Sit upright in a chair and place both your feet in front of you  on the floor just as you would sit in a car (with your heel on the floor and front foot pointing towards the roof). Make sure that both the feet are only 5-6 inch apart, just the same distance as the brake and accelerator pedals. Relax your muscles and pay attention to what happens to your legs: they both will swing out towards the sides. This is the natural position our body wants to stay in whenever you sit down, especially for long periods of time. Now compare this to your driving position.

While driving you might be able to get away with swinging your left leg out but you cannot do this with the right one. Instead, you must exert considerable effort with your thigh and hip muscles, keeping your leg aligned with the brake and accelerator pedals as you drive, otherwise you cannot quickly and accurately press on them. Each time you have to switch from pressing on the accelerator to the brakes  with your foot, or vice versa, it requires even more effort from your thigh muscle. Especially in bad stop-and-go rush hour traffic you perform this movement over and over, and all of that effort is what makes you feel uncomfortable later.

Overtime we develop pain in the lower leg/thigh muscles and without paying much attention to the root cause we either take over the counter painkiller meds or go for massages. These cause temporary relief but the pain comes back as we are not correcting the underlying ergonomic issue while driving to support our leg. We just accept and think this is normal, very similar to NOT using a keyboard /mouse pad support at the wrist (for computers) and then thinking why does my wrist hurt? and develop carpal tunnel syndrome.